The Guild is an association for professional, qualified head gardeners who aim to achieve the highest level of their craftsmanship and, above all, share the knowledge that is required to reach this.

What is a head gardener?

Monumental historical greenery is an important part of the Dutch cultural landscape. It includes the parks and gardens of castles, country estates and monasteries. The extraordinary quality of these sites is safeguarded by the head gardener.

The Head Gardeners’ Guild association

The basic idea from which the Head Gardeners’ Guild association was founded came from the garden philosopher Rob Leopold (†2005) of the foundation Perennial Perspectives. The 1990s saw the start of an exchange of knowledge among the head gardeners and gardeners of the estates Twickel, Het Loo, Het Weldam and Het Warmelo, which did not go unnoticed by Leopold. He argued for a comprehensive garden culture that combines landscape architecture, horticulture and ecology. He believed that the divide between art and craftsmanship in gardening and landscape architecture should be removed and the art of gardening should be revalued. For this revaluation of the neglected horticultural perspective, the exchange of knowledge amongst colleagues is essential.

Discover ‘the fruits’ of the work of our Head Gardeners in Holland

Check out the map below and discover all kind off unique garden locations in Holland.

Upcoming Events

Unique events, organized by members of the Head Gardeners Guild association.

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